Valuation Case Studies

O’Dell Valuation Consulting, LLC has worked with companies to achieve the following:

  • Acting as trustee for 16 ESOP transactions
  • Company valuations for estate and gift tax purposes.
  • Valuation of a construction company for a shareholder dispute.
  • Assisting a manufacturing company to derive a calculation for the value of the business to be used in a buy/sell agreement. Also working with the company’s insurance agent to determine the proper amount of life insurance to fund the buy/sell agreement.
  • Valuing a service company and structuring a formula for a younger minority shareholder to buy a more stock from the majority shareholder.
  • Valuing a service company so that a son and key employee could buy in over time. Working with the owner to prepare projections to make sure that the company could afford the proposed plan.
  • Working with the majority shareholder in a family wholesale distribution business to turn more ownership over to a son and son in law, providing the father with an income stream during retirement.
  • Assisting a lawyer to value his sole practice and make a practice continuation arrangement with a larger law firm.
  • Working with a construction company in structuring a new buy/sell agreement.
  • Assisting a manufacturing company with a bonus plan for key employees.
  • Valuing a manufacturing company for estate tax purposes and assisting the surviving spouse in the sale of the business.